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Employee Safety and Wellbeing Symposium in Metallurgy Sector

Our symposium was held with a large participation. Thank you for your interest and attention.

See you in 2025.

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Employee Safety and Wellbeing Symposium 
In the Metallurgy Sector

As UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers’ Training Center, we are proud to announce with the aim of breaking new ground in the metallurgy industry, it would be discussed “occupational health, employee safety and wellbeing” in the perspective of connectivity, where all metallurgy industry community will come together, for the Employee Safety and Wellbeing Symposium in the Metallurgy Sector to be held on the 100th Foundation Anniversary of Republic of Türkiye on 16-17 November 2023 at HALIC Congress Center, Istanbul.

We as “METEM” with the high sense of responsibility, have started “Movement of Safe & Sound Together” a while ago and have carried out and continued awareness studies for our industry, in order to develop issues in the sector and to keep them constantly on the top priorities of agendas and has now planned to organize Metal-ESWS in a way that complements that approach, in order to make these growing efforts more effective and more visible, and to create an opportunity to learn from each other about the strong developments and innovations in the world for the creation of "decent" working environments in the light of the motto "WORTH TO EMPLOYEES"; we wish all managers, OHS professionals, engineers, foremen and workers to come together in this symposium, where a strong social environment will be created. 

We fully believe that this symposium will be contributed to every action step towards the transition of our industry from Rule-Oriented approach to Human-Oriented approach, as all examples of best practices could be shared in the symposium, as all details could be found within the framework of its scope. In this respect, we invite all local, foreign and international companies to take responsibility by participating in the event with a SPONSORSHIP and/or to exhibit their products and services and exemplary applications by renting a BOOTH in the exhibition area.

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